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RealDent Clinic has been in operation since 1998. RealDent Clinic, with 23 years 
of experience, always tries to deliver a high level of patient care,
using high-profile technological equipment. Our goal is to save patients 
from all dental concerns and give them an easy smile. Our highly educated 
and professional doctors play a significant role in achieving this goal.    

Our dentists  


Our values

We are dental specialists who always provide high-quality professional service. Our Clinic is a reliable and peaceful family environment for us and our patients. When we treat our patients, we put ourselves in their shoes and try to carry out the treatment as flawlessly as possible and in a short time frame. 

Our mission

  Is to save our patients from all dental concerns, 
honorably serve to human health 

Our technology

We use the most advanced technologies in the world in the field of dentistry and provide services under the latest international standards


We work tirelessly on ourselves to ensure that our patients are always satisfied with the RealDent Clinic, every time

we choose us to provide dental services and recommend 
us to members of their family and surroundings. 
We are sincere, transparent and honest while serving patients.

With our strong team, 
we create a trusting and friendly family atmosphere, think of patients, 
putting ourselves in their shoes. Transparency, honesty and decency - the motto of our team.

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