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Difficulties of the sucking reflex during the occlusion

The sucking reflex is well developed in newborn infants, but gradually this reflex should disappear and switch to "swallowing" of a large type. If a child at the age of 2 years continues to suck a pacifier or finger, this can lead to severe problems in occlusion.

🆘 Those at risk include children who suck on a pacifier for more than 6 hours a day.

What would we have to do? ✅ Regularly monitor the development of children's teeth. ✅ Children under 2 years of age to kick a habit of sucking on a pacifier

✅ When making a selection, give preference to the orthodontic nipple. ✅ Regularly get checked by dentist-orthodontist

If your baby can not independently kick a habit of sucking the pacifier or fingers, then you should use special STOPPING plates (apparatus with special teeth) on orthodontist’s order.

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