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What is a Point? For what services it can be used?

At Real Dent clinic we have created a Points bonus system that our patients and club members will be pleased with.

Our patients now can make use of range of services provided by our clinic in exchange for Points.

How you can earn Points?

For each taken service in the amount of 500 AZN, 300 points will be accumulated.

How many Points and how Points can be used?

The Points calculation method: 300 Points =30 AZN

The Points can used only one time (only for one service)

You can pay only 30 percent of the service cost which you can use as accumulated points.

The Points can be spent for first degree family members (mother, father, spouse and children).

Services included:

1) Professional cleaning of teeth 300 points

Note: not applicable to patients with brackets

2) Anesthesia sedation (2nd hour of sedation 500 points)

3) Dental Implantology (500 points for every 2nd implant)

4) Orthodontic mini screws (300 points for every second mini screw)

5) Removable orthodontic appliances (500 points)

6) Brackets (applicable to first degree family members) (1500 points)

7) X-ray examination (100 points)

8) Photos of patients (200 Points)

9) Retention appliances or caps (200 points)

10) Treatment of permanent teeth restoration only ( 200 points)

11) Prosthetic Dentistry (One veneer -250 points, Metal ceramic crown, Zirconium crowns-200 points, Prosthetics on the dental implants -300 points).

Note: The accumulated points will be nullified if they are not used during the 12 months following the last visit and payment of a service.

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