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Dr. Sevda Allahverdiyeva 

Pediatric Dentist

12 years of expirience


Azerbaijan Medical University, 1999-2004

City polyclinic number 5, internship, 2004-2005

City polyclinic number 5, internship, 2004-2005

  1. Clinical Orthodontics", 2008, Baku / Azerbaijan.

  2. "Modern Straight Wire Treatment Philosophy"

  3. "Micro Implant Anchorage Orthodontics" MIAO,

  4. "Orthodontic treatment without tooth extraction." Pendulum apparatus, etc.

  5. "Restoration of frontal teeth and consideration about adhesive systems."

  6. "Self-ligating brackets BioQuick and functional stability after orthodontic treatment."

  7. "Early treatment and the advantages of Bioprogressive approch"

  8. "The Easy and Straight approach to treat successfully class II patients"

  9. "Artistic restoration of the chewing group of teeth"

  10. "Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner"

  11. "The use of radiation diagnostics in a dental clinic."

  12. "Modern Pediatric Dentistry"

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