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We use an entirely new form of treatment in pediatric dentistry– the Fotona Light Walker Laser device, which provides fast and effective treatment in the soft and hard tissues of baby and permanent teeth. Pathogenic bacteria that damage the enamel layer of teeth and cause diseases in the oral cavity are destroyed under the influence of the laser. The use of lasers
in pediatric dentistry allows treatment without anaesthesia (without the use of 
anaesthetics), which helps prevent fear in children and improve the quality of treatment.

Dental treatment with sedation

Dental treatment with sedation by Dr Sevda Allahverdiyeva. RealDent Clinic, which provides high-quality patient care, also specializes in paediatric dentistry. Dr Sevda Alahverdieva-a paediatric dentist with ten years of experience will provide painless dental treatment for your children in our Clinic. She is also a participant of the number of local and international courses, congresses and symposia. It should be noted that Dr Sevda Allahverdiyeva is one of the doctors who got the highest certification score in dentistry in Azerbaijan in 2019.

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